Do It Yourself!

Great meals from local chefs and other foodies

Thinking of dining at home? Check out these delicious recipes with scrumptious ingredients that will have you and yours digging in!


Apricot BBQ Sauce

An awesome sauce from GreenSpace Café’s Amber Poupore that gives a zing to roasted cauliflower, tofu, tempeh or seitan.

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Bananas Foster

Dine & Dish Nation Host Kam Carman has just what you need to warm up you and yours during the coldest winter nights!

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Autumn Nosh

Chef Kelli Lewton’s celebration of autumn flavors with a sampling of flavors — Euro nosh style!

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Cognac Lamb Chops

Rack up the lamb with Chef Bobby’s take on these liquored-up chops! Once marinated, they grill quick – and go down quicker.

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Green Onion Cauliflower Soup

This American-style soup with a pinch of curry, ginger and turmeric is perfect for all seasons. Chef Bobby warms our hearts with this one.

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Fresh Rolls

This summer treat is not only light and refreshing but fun to make at home and is extremely versatile in what you can fill it with!

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Puffy German Pancake

I “wow” my guests with this magical recipe that takes just a couple of minutes to prepare and slowly creeps up the sides of the skillet.

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Homemade Stew with Dumplings

An old favorite of Chef Bobby’s, this stew with dumplings recipe is an homage to comfort food. Enjoy multiple meats and veggies with this home-style classic.

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