Dine & Dish Nation – The Origin Story

by Kam Carman

I come from a family of great cooks. My Gramma (nicknamed “Biddy,” because she was an itty-bitty little thing) walked softly, but carried a big spoon. The truth is, even today, the most comforting smell I can remember is Sunday afternoon spaghetti at Gramma and Papa’s house.

The cooking torch was passed to my Mom, who became a fabulous cook in her own right, with my baby sister in turn following in her footsteps. Alas, I was not so lucky in terms of inheriting the culinary gene. Frankly, I’m a complete disaster in the kitchen. (I can ruin boiled water!)

This is why I have a deep appreciation of good – make that great – food, and anyone who can master creating it. And that’s how Dine & Dish Nation came to be. I’m in awe of the many Detroit-area chefs and restaurant owners I’ve come to know over the years, and I want to celebrate their skills, and give them a place to show off their creativity and artistry. With our thriving metropolis as their stage, I’d say it’s their time to shine. Wouldn’t you?

On a broader note, despite our differences, we are a nation of foodies! Indeed, if our population has one common bond, it’s that we share the love of food. Thus, the name Dine & Dish Nation. As for our home town, Detroit has always represented an incredible blend of culture and tastes. And today, our discerning appetites are being rewarded by a growing number of out-of-this-world restaurants, bars, fine-dining establishments, and secluded little holes-in-the-wall that are helping our city come back to life. In fact, Detroit is rapidly becoming one of America’s most desirable food destinations.

Finally, I’m lucky enough to have many friends who share my appreciation for great things to feast on. I love to listening to them say they’ve tried “that new place,” or “this deli is to die for” or “check out this slice of heaven that I had forgotten all about!” I see part of my new charge as sharing this information with you to give you a glimpse of what’s out there. And, I’m inviting you to let everyone in on your favorite “best-kept secrets” and the newest hot spot you’re raving about, as well!

Being a foodie isn’t a fad. It’s a way of life. Stay up to date with Dine & Dish Nation and learn how to be guest reviewer on our show. And please follow us on Facebook and on Twitter, and join the conversation!