Meet the Foodies!

Q&A with Detroit-area Chefs and ‘Foodpreneurs’

Dine & Dish Nation speaks with local food-culture leaders about how they got started, their inspirations and more.

Chef Amber Poupore

GreenSpace Café’s Amber Poupore got started in the business when she was just 14. Today she’s all is all about “healing with food.”

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Chef James Oppat

Andiamo’s James Oppat attributes his successes to surrounding himself with the best people and creating diverse, powerful and motivated teams.

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Chef Kelli Lewton

Chef Kelli Lewton lives and works by the tenet that all the food we execute should be sourced as close to the vine as possible. “It all starts and ends with the food. That is what they will remember 1, 2, 5 or 10 years from now.”

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Annabel Cohen

Annabel Cohen is a writer, chef, cooking instructor, consultant and food-stylist known for her creative, global recipes and casual, cooking-instruction style.

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Chef Bobby

Robert Nahra, aka Chef Bobby to most, has successfully created many unique mouthwatering recipes and dishes that have skyrocketed his culinary career over the years.

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Chris & Isaiah Sonjeow

Our family has been in the food business for nearly a century. Our grandmother had taught our dad how to cook and he passed it to us.

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